PowerDNS-Admin Reset Lost Password

Recently I started using PowerDNS-Admin to manage DNS records for my various domains. However I managed to somehow delete my user account details from my password manager which effectively locked me out. There appears to be no lost password function so I ended up looking at the source code to see how the password is generated. The below shows the results of my research and will allow you to reset your password directly in the database tables.

Load up a terminal on your local machine, ensure you have python installed and the bcrypt package for python. You can install the bcrypt using pip or your system package manager. Now run an interactive python shell by just typing python on you command line and hitting enter.

Using the code snippet below you can generate a password hash which we will use to update the database.

import bcrypt
bcrypt.hashpw(‘The New Password’, bcrypt.gensalt())

With the resulting generated hash you can now update the hash in the MySQL database like example below, make sure to replace the hash with the previously generated one and the id with the actual id of your user in the database.

UPDATE `user` SET `password` = `$2b$12$4acDlzbA7ywoLTF0XzdV6uRVm.HM/FML9QiMxf9jt49dBb1E0wN5.` WHERE id=1;

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