Using Apache To Reverse Proxy HDHomerun Stream

Recently I bought a HDhomerun with the intention of being able to stream TV over the network so it can be access internally or externally. When I initially tried to connect to the HTTP stream on the HDhomerun externally the connection was refused. It appears that unless the connection originates on the same subnet as the HDhomerun the connection request will be refused.

To work round this I tried to tunnel the stream port via SSH, however the performance was awful and the stream kept breaking up. Looking back I suspect this was to do with SSH compression. It’s very likely SSH was trying to compress the data on the fly (from what I recall compression on SSH is enabled by default)

As the stream is delivered over HTTP I then decided that using Apache as a reverse proxy would most likely work. I configured Apache on a VM on my local network and configured a virtualhost like the following.

<VirtualHost *:8080>
 ServerName localhost
 ProxyPass /
 ProxyPassReverse /

Don’t forget you also need to tell Apache to listen on port 8080, you can do this by adding the following line in httpd.conf, you are not limited to port 8080 you could use what ever port number you like as long as it’s available.

Listen 8080

Initially when trying to load the stream I got the following error in the Apache error log.

[Mon Aug 03 09:35:01.514542 2015] [proxy:error] [pid 12623] (13)Permission denied: AH00957: HTTP: attempt to connect to ( failed
 [Mon Aug 03 09:35:01.514609 2015] [proxy:error] [pid 12623] AH00959: ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for ( for 60s
 [Mon Aug 03 09:35:01.514623 2015] [proxy_http:error] [pid 12623] [client] AH01114: HTTP: failed to make connection to backend:, referer:
 [Mon Aug 03 09:37:51.969710 2015] [core:warn] [pid 12620] (13)Permission denied: AH00056: connect to listener on [::]:8080

After a little research it turns out it was being caused by SELinux. For the sake of quick testing I disabled SELinux then restarted Apache and all started working.

Once I configured port forwarding on my router I was able to access the stream via the Proxy using VLC media player.


I hope these notes guide helps anyone else trying to achieve the same thing.